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Reflex your Sole

with Cathi Rosovich

Certified Reflexologist


Services offered:

Hand & Foot Reflexology

Japanese Cosmo Facelift


Reflexology has been practiced for centuries and comes with many benefits. It's a type of massage that involves applying pressure to the feet, hands, or ears. Some benefits of reflexology include assisting the body with its natural healing process, boosting energy levels, increased circulation, and it helps eliminate toxic buildup within the body. You may also experience faster healing, reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep and an all-around wellbeing.

Japanese Cosmo Lifting is a neuro-sensorial procedure that is performed on the face using natural products and tonifying massage techniques.  It is a blend of traditional manipulation techniques from around the world including facial reflexology, lymphatic drainage, acupressure and Japanese lifting.


Take a Minute let your MIND explore ~ 30 min foot session.  $30

Right on Point feel your BODY revive ~ 60 min foot session.  $60

It's All About Me harmony & balance ~ 90 min hand & foot session.  $100

Japanese Cosmo Facelift ~ 70 min face reflex session.  $110

Mind, Body & Sole Balancing release tension with this 2-hour head-to-toe reflex treatment.  $125

Pressed for Time (Add-On) give your SOLE a break ~ 15 min foot session.  $15

Scalp Reflexology (Add-On) covers 10 meridian lines from base of skull to forehead.  $20

Reflexology Therapy

Get in Touch

For questions or inquiries about Cathi's reflexology or Japanese Cosmo facelift services, please contact her directly.


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